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My clays are chosen for purity so that burnishing is smooth. There are some clay imperfections that will show up on a piece because they are unglazed natural clays. There are also occasional marks from the process of building each piece with my hands.

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"THREE WISHES"         10"h x 9"d
"LIFE IMITATING ART II" 10"h x 8"x 6 "  
"COPPER TANGO"      9"h x 7"x 8"
"COMFORT"          14"h x 12"x 8"
"BLACK DIAMOND RUN"     6"h x 8"x 5"
"BIRDS GOTTA FLY"      5"h x 6"x 2"
"CELESTIAL PEARL"       9"h x 8"
"FLEET OF FIN"           9 "h x 15 "x 3 "
"CELEBRATION"        10"h x 9"x 6"
"COZY"             9" diam     
"LOVE"           9"h x 8"x 5"
"CRESCENT"            9 "h x 8"x 7 "
"KALEIDOSCOPE"     9"h x 7"x 7"
"NO SECRETS"            8"h x 9"
"OOGOLY WOOGOLY"   10"h x 4" x 4"
"COO"       10 "h x 13 "x 10 "
"ON THE THIRD DAY"   11"h x 10"x 8"
"BEWITCHED"   12½"h x 9"x 5"

I use Laguna clays; CT-3 for white ware, Red Rocks for red ware, and either clay for the black ware. Black is achieved by a final firing at cone 014 of either white or red clay in a closed container with hardwood sawdust. The smoke from this permeates the clay and turns it black.

Red and white clays are low fired to cone 06 for bisque and for minor glaze decoration. A piece is usually fired twice (or three times for black ware).

CARE: A light dusting is sufficient, and water should never be used. Because the pieces are fired low, the clay is porous and can be damaged by water. Direct sunlight is also detrimental to pieces that include handmade papers.


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